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Go Beyond the Explainer Video.

You've captured, engaged, and explained your product or service to a new or existing customer, but now what?

Many companies launch their explainer video and stop there. But video content is an excellent strategy for building credibility with customers and setting your company apart. Consider how videos can add depth to your backstory on your About page with vintage photos or lifestyle clips. Meanwhile tutorials could reduce the number of calls received at your support center. Those videos can engage viewers not only on your website but also on social media and throughout the sales funnel. Let’s look at three popular ways businesses have used video to engage, inform, and build trust.

Case study videos. Customer testimonials are brought to life with two- to three-minute live action videos. Ask your customer important questions on camera or show them using or demonstrating your products. Video case studies can capture their satisfaction in ways the written word simply can’t express.

Instructional videos. Show customers how to use your products most effectively and efficiently through live action, catchy animation, or screen captures. Tips and instructions can include the most obvious use of your product along with creative ideas and adaptations they might not have otherwise considered.

Behind the scenes videos (Also known as BTS videos). Share exclusive behind the scenes moments that foster a more personal connection with customers and prospects. Introduce your team, share peeks into day-to-day operations, and demonstrate how your company is different.

As you determine what type of content is most useful for your company, consider the needs of both customers and employees. Could your sales team benefit from having more resources at their disposal? Where do your customers get stuck? Which questions do service representatives field most often? Which are the most popular keywords or phrases searched by visitors to your website? Once you begin to consider all of your options, you’ll see how powerfully video can be used to transform your customer’s entire journey.

Additional information about explainers and other video marketing strategies can be found here.

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