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Corporate Video Interview

Five Tips to a Better Talking Head Performance

It’s challenging enough to be in front of the camera let alone when you’re the talking head. But these professional tricks can help you look and present your best.

1. Speech and Sound Bites. Try to incorporate a few catchy sound bites in your talk when participating in an on-camera interview. This might include interesting examples or anecdotes that keep viewers engaged. They can also be used later as promo clips or teasers. Additionally, you can bridge any answers back to key messages that you’re trying to get across. And finally, be mindful to avoid non-verbal utterances such as um and uh.

2. Posture. Stand or sit up straight to appear self-confident. Good posture also opens up your diaphragm to help you breathe easier and remain calm. Leaning forward just slightly when seated, though not slumping, can also give the impression that you’re genuinely interested and engaged in the discussion.

3. Focus. Appear to make eye contact with either the camera directly or the off-camera interviewer. If you happen to glance away to pause or ponder, drop your focus to the ground as opposed to up, which could be construed as rolling your eyes. Stay mindful of other facial expressions as well, which can either emphasize or contradict your words. Finally, smile when appropriate and stay alert for the duration.

4. Experience. As with everything practice makes perfect, or at least as perfect as possible. Sometimes practicing in front of a mirror, a trusted friend, or another camera can be helpful but avoid reciting pre-scripted answers from memory as this often comes across stilted and fake. Confidence and authenticity is the goal here.

5. Appearance. Your appearance should enhance, not detract from, your message. So opt for solid clothing instead of logos, prints, or graphics. Also apply make-up, particularly powder, to matte any shine that will naturally appear on your skin, as this is magnified under bright lights.

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